I’m scrolling through a news feed on FB from about a Supreme Court decision when …. Bamm, the first thing I see was about Barbara Eden it was a webpage that took me to basically the history of the show “I Dream of Jeannie”. Now I have always Loved Barbara Eden, but right before this all happened, I was thinking and praying about a certain person that God had told me to Love, and then this happened. Ya see, this is how God talks to you people. We just have to sit back, be patient, keep his commandments, and do what he wishes us to do. When he speaks to you, YOU WILL KNOW, and you definitely should not disregard, and ignore. I will not ever disregard, or ignore what God is telling me. Right now, I’m asking him what he was trying to show me, but i think I know already of what it is. To continue to Love that particular person regardless of what they might do, say, or how they act. Love concurs All, and that is what I will do.
Now, the other thing that came to me … you see … this other person that I’m referring to, well she had told me that her Daddy was a Barbara Eden Nut … and it just so happens to be that Bamm, there Barbara was in full “I Dream of Jeannie” Garb right in front of my face as I was thinking and praying about this particular person. Was it her Daddy that was just getting my attention through God??? The only one that know’s that is God, but truly either way … it’s through God.
So with all of this said, if it were her Daddy that is her Angel in Heaven that has sent me this message …. Message received, and I do, and will always Love your little Monkey. If it were God …. Well, I will always Honor what you have told me to do. With everything that I am, and all that you have made me to be Dear Lord, I will always Honor what you say to me, and tell me to do.
I hope that this helps you all out there as you’re trying to find God in your life, and I hope that you will be receiving your answers from him soon.
God Bless You All, and God Bless America!!!
Brian Lange
11:22 pm 08-03-2016



My take in the whole Love and Trust Scenario in today’s World:
Love is a Beautiful Amazing thing that we as Humans just sometimes in Life have the Opportunity to witness through God’s Grace, and Only through God can our Lives together in Love we can Flourish together. We should never take this gift of Love for granted.
Trust is something that is Earned, not just given away like candy to a child, but rather earned through the Reality of actions from your partner. The Love that they show through their actions develops the Trust that makes the Love grow even stronger between one another …. stronger that makes the Bond between the two inseparable. Actions Speak Louder than Words!!!
By the Actions Trust is Earned, and the Love is that much Stronger because of it.
It is absolutely a “Choice”, but a Choice nevertheless, and Both have to make the Choice to Love, and to do the things within their Love for one another to Build that Bond (not tear away from it). It is a Beautiful, and Amazing thing Love is, especially when both are working at it, not just the one. And when Both have God as their Center together is when their Dreams of Love and Trust can be fulfilled beyond anything that us mere Mortals could ever imagine.
God Bless You All, and God Bless America!!!
Brian D. Lange


And then from someone in a PM about what I said here: I agree almost fully, but one thing that they’ve left out is God …. other than that, this is Beautiful!!! smile emoticon:
“Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special, think that you are always there for him, to be with him, to cherish him, to fulfill him dreams, to share with him and most of all, to make him realize how much you really love her.Distance doesn’t matter if you really love the person, what matters most is your honesty and trust for that relationship to work out.Without romance, love gets dry. Without respect, love gets lost. Without caring, love gets boring. Without honesty, love gets unhappy, and without trust, love gets unstable.Love is a wonderful gift; trust in it,

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  1. Tina Puhl Mercer

    I really enjoyed speaking with you tonight!!! God bless you and your show!!!! (;

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