Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate

Miki Booth – The Birther Princess



Sheriff Joe Arpaio: New Criminal Evidence About To Be Released – 3/26/2014

Cold Case Posse – Obama’s Birth Certificate Investigation – Sheriff Joe Arpaio MCSO

Miki Booth Puts Obama In A Birth Certificate Yoke

Hawaii Native Challenges Obama Over Birth Certificate

Unedited: Miki Booth Confronts Congressman About Obama ID Fraud – 8/8/2013

Miki Booth Reveals Republicans Running From Truth

Miki Booth speaks the TRUTH about Obama’s ineligibility at Fair Park Bible Fellowship church

Where’s the Birth Certificate interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi

Jerome Corsi To File Criminal Charges Over Obama Birth Certificate.

First Interview With Obama’s Political Prisoner LTC Terry Lakin After Prison Release – 5/13/2011

Jerome Corsi: Obama Birth Certificate 100% Forged; Hawaii Officials Forged It – 5/18/2011

Mike Zullo says that Obama footprint birth certificate from Kenya is a 100% forgery.

Mike Zullo on The 100% Forged Obama Birth Certificate – HD

Obama’s Social Security Number Tied To An Alias Harrison J Bounel – 5/18/11

Obamas Birth Certificate – CBS NEWS – FAKE- CONFIRMED

FF: Team Arpaio Know Who Forged Obama Birth Certificate

Broadcaster: Obama ID Fraud Is The Elephant In The Room

Dr Taitz: Obama’s Two Names; Boyles Blasts Obama’s Phony Life Story

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